Arthur Becker-Weidman

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: An evidence-baesd treatment

Dr. Becker-Weidman in Chico California

Dr. Becker-Weidman will be presenting a workshop, “Healing Trauma and Attachment Disorders” at two locations in Northern California Oct 14 & 15.

These learning objectives will be addressed:
 Participants will be able to describe how parent-child attachment normally develops
 Participants will identify the seven domains of impairment caused by Complex Trauma
 Participants will be able to identify three general principles of parenting & treatment grounded in attachment-theory & Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy
 Participants will be able to use two new interventions to help parents with children with trauma and attachment disorders,
 Participants will be able to describe one key element of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and be able to use it in their practice.

Please RSVP to (530) 879-3861 or
This FREE training is made available through the collaborative efforts of Sierra Forever Families & California Department of Social Services


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