Arthur Becker-Weidman

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy: An evidence-baesd treatment

Attachment Therapy Book

I’ve just heard that a book I wrote with two colleagues,
The Attachment Therapy Companion: Key Practices for Treating Children
& Families

is now in production and should be out in early 2012. The book
describes what are the standards of care for this treatment.
From the Introduction:

This book is an important contribution to the field of trauma
treatment and attachment-focused the therapy. It provides the
clinician with a framework to assess, develop treatment plans, and
provide treatment in a comprehensive and integrated manner. College
professors are afforded a guide for classroom instruction. The book
will provide consumers with the necessary tools and information to
make better informed decisions regarding the adequacy of care they are
getting. College professors will find this book a useful adjunct for
family therapy, treatment, and ethics classes and the study guide will
assist in classroom instruction. Finally the book will provide judges,
child welfare professionals, insurance companies, and others with a
framework for evaluating proposed plans of care. It is my belief that
this book will mark a new stage in the development of attachment-
focused therapy by delineating what are the standards of care for the
treatment of attachment and trauma disorders.


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